FREE Guide: 100 Helpful Holiday Words and Phrases

Product descriptions, blog titles, Facebook posts, we all write them and I don't know about you, but many times I get stuck on descriptive words to use.  Over the years, I have written hundreds of emails, posts and product descriptions for my fresh wreath business. To help me get in the spirit of things, I created a "cheat sheet" of my favorite holiday words and phrases.  From sparkly to sugar plums,  crimson to comfort, you'll find festive words and phrases on my list.

Click here to get your copy of my Holiday Marketing Guide: Helpful Holiday Words & Phrases and get "unstuck" the next time you need to write about the holidays.

Do you have favorite holiday words or phrases not found on this list? Feel free to share them on my Facebook page.


Nancy said...

Great Ideas! The download is not currently linked to download!

I signed up for your Newsletter too!

sandra@sandrabegan.com said...

Thank you Nancy!

Scroll above into the aritcle and click on "Click here" to download the Guide. If it doesn't work for you, I'm happy to email it to you.

Let me know if it works.


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Welcome Handmade Designers and Shopping Event Planners!

Welcome Handmade Designers and Shopping Event Planners!
I'm Sandra Began and I'm here to help you kick butt at marketing your products and shopping events locally and online during the holiday season.


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